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  1. Currently it is undetected and safe to use. Its highly unlikely that it will get detected as the standard Logitech software is executing this macro. Since many other innocent people use the software they cant ban for this. So its more or less undetectable. :)
  2. I will soon release a update which supports wireless mouse 🙂
  3. Right now im working on a bloody mouse script.
  4. Pushed a fix, had a syntax error on it 😕
  5. Since im friends with the CH staff i release here my Recoil Control Script for Logitech Hardware. Currenlty those guns are supporte: Rifles: Vandal, Phantom, Bulldog SMGs: Spectre, Stringer Sidearm: Frenzy It is a bit tricky to install but for this 100% working even after the 0.49 patch. There is a PDF were you can see the instructions. If you got questions just write below 🙂 There will be a new update in the following days which going to include LMGs and some patterns fix up. Video: Download: Valorant Logitech Script V1.rar Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/352555f12e2047822c8f0f767871e8561d9d9bee48265e40bfffb59a17928eae/detection
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