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Glade you found us. This is our first post so lets use it to tell about who we are, what we want and what our plans are. 

Lets start with the team:
We (currently @Zero and me @Kaspersky) are both retired Pay 2 Cheat Provider owners. We both have years long experience with P2C and cheats in general. Due to various reasons we both dont run any provider anymore but are still very active in the scene.

What we want to do:
We habe been members on other cheat forums and saw a lot of improvements that can be done. Especially the staff of those other sites are poor in maintaining the forum. In some cases they allow scamming in trading section, mass advertising, paid advertising, unfair comments on sales threads or keep detected cheats still as undetected because nobody is changing the status. Those are only a few reasons why we want to create such a different place. For us its especially important to maintain the forum scammer-free and up2date.

We have big plans to come up and we will see where we land. Have fun here 🙂 

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